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Chamber Orchestra

Oboe Concerto

Fl., oboe, cl., bsn., hn., perc., 2. vln., vla., vcl., db. and solo oboe.

Oboe Concerto was written for oboist Matthías Birgir Nardeau and The Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra.

Premiere took place at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavík on January 29th 2012 in Harpa - Norđurljós.
Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra, soloist: Matthías Birgir Nardeau, conductor: Bernharđur Wilkinson.

Höfuđstafir - Main Staves

Fl., oboe, cl., vln., vlc., db.

Höfuđstafir was written for the Caput group and premiered by them in 2002 in a concert with music by Karólína Eiríksdóttir.

Premiere: October 19th, 2002; 15:15 at the Reykjavík City Theatre; Caput: Kolbeinn Bjarnason, flute, Eydís Franzdóttir, oboe, Guđni Franzson, clarinet, Zbigniew Dubik, violin, Sigurđur Halldórsson, cello, Hávarđur Tryggvason, double bass

Rhapsody in C

Fl., oboe, cl., bsn., hn., pno., 2. vln., vla., vcl., db.
ca. 9'

Rhapsody in C was written for the Nordia Ensemble in Sweden in 1990. The piece is an attempt to proof that the C major chord is still valid and can be used in connection with almost anything.

INTIM MUSIK, Nordia Ensemble

Five Pieces for Chamber Orchestra - Fimm lög fyrir kammersveit

2 vln., vla., vlc., hn., fl., cl., oboe, bsn.
ca. 8'30''

Five pieces for Chamber Orchestra consists of five short movements, almost miniatures.
The work is based on small units which are not tied together by any thematic development, but in the background there is discernible a belif in some kind of logic.
Five Pieces was composed in 1982 for the Icelandic Chamber Orchestra.

ITM 7-01 Karólína Eiríksdóttir - Portrait: Icelandic Chamber Orchestra, dir.
Jean-Pierre Jacquillat

Brot - Fragments

Fl., oboe, cl., horn, vln., vla., vlc., perc.., harp

Fragments (Brot) was written by commission from the Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra in 1979. The piece was premiered at the Dark Music Days Festival in 1980. Fragments is in one movement, built on small units leading into each other.


2fl., 2tpt., 2trb., 2perc., vln. & db.

Premiere: April 3rd, 1979, Kagelbanan Södra Teatern; Stockholms Kammarblĺsare, dir. Per Lyng