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Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra

2,2,2,2, - 4,2,2,1, - 2 perc. - harp - 1. solo flute (alt, piccolo), 2. solo flute(bass, alt, piccolo), - strings

Concerto for Two Flutes and Orchestra was written for Guđrún S. Birgisdóttir and Martial Nardeau. The piece is in three movements.

Premiere in Háskólabíó January 25th 2007. Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Guđrún S. Birgisdóttir, Martial Nardeau, flutes, Roland Kluttig, conductor.

Concerto for guitar and Orchestra

2,1,1,1, - 2,2,1, - 2slv. - solo guitar, - strings

Concerto for guitar and Orchestra was written for and commissioned by the Argentinean guitarist Sergio Puccini. The Concerto was premiered by Mr. Puccini and the Santa Fe (Argentina) Symphony Orchestra in June 2001. The Concerto is in four movements.

Premiere: Centro Cultural Provincial, Santa Fe, Argentina, June 29th 2001, Orquestra Sinfónica de la Provincia de Santa Fe, Sergio Puccini, solo guitar, dir. Carlos Cuesta


3,3,3,3, - 4,3,3,1, - 2 perc., - strings
ca. 9'

Toccata was written for Orkester Norden with a commission from NOMUS. Toccata is a continuous prologue and one movement. The piece can be categorized as a concerto for orchestra, since focus is brought to all the instruments at one time or another.
Orkester Norden conducted by Toumas Ollila premiered the piece in Rättvik in Sweden in the summer of 1999, and shortly afterwards played it in Stockholm, Helsinki and Riga among other places. The orchestra conducted by Okku Kamu performed Toccata in the Philharmonie in Berlin at the inauguration of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin the same year.

Premiere: Rättvik, Sweden, July 10th 1999, Orkester Norden, dir. Tuomas Ollila

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

2,2,2,2, - 4,3,3,1, - 2 perc., - solo clarinet, - strings
ca. 15'

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (1994) was commissioned by the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra for clarinetist Einar Jóhannesson. The premiere took place in Aalborg in April 1995. The concerto was performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Einar Jóhannesson in 1996.
The concerto consists of two movements.

Premiere: April 27th 1995, Aalborghallen, Aalborg Symphony Orchester, Einar Jóhannesson, clarinet, dir. Lan Shui

Three Paragraphs - Ţrjár setningar

4,4,4,4, - 4,4,3,1, - 3. perc., timpani, - strings
ca. 11'

The Malmö Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leif Segerstam premiered Three Paragraphs at the Stockholm New Music Festival in 1993.
The piece was commissioned by NOMUS for Stockholm New Music. The title indicates that the piece is in three movements.

Premiere: Konserthuset, Stockholm, March 1993, Malmö Sympohony Orchestra, dir. Leif Segerstam

Klifur - Climbing

3(piccolo),3,3(E flat &,3(c.bsn), - 4,3,3,1, - 3 perc., - strings
ca. 12'

The composition of Klifur was finished early in the year 1991. The piece is in one movement but in several different layers. In some ways it can be said that there are seven different pieces going on at the same time, most of them simultaneous during the middle of the piece. Five of those are based on related material, but two are totally unrelated.
The piece was premiered by the Ieland Symphony Orchestra on May 14th 1992.

Premiere: Mai 14th 1992, Iceland Symphony Orchestra in Háskólabíó, dir. Petri Sakari


2,2,2,2, - 4,3,3,1, - 1 perc., - harp, - strings
ca. 14'30''

Sinfonietta was composed at the request of the Icelandic State Television where it was premiered in the atumn of 1985, and shortly afterwards it was played at a subscription concert of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jean-Pierre Jacquillat. Sinfonietta is in four movements.

Premiere: November 3rd 1985, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Icelandic National Television, dir. Jean-Pierre Jacquillat

ITM 7-01 Karólína Eiríksdóttir - Portrait: Iceland Symphony Orchestra, dir. Jean-Pierre Jacquillat
ITM 5-05 Icelandic Orchestral Music, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, dir. Paul

Sónans - Sonans

2,2,2,2, - 4,3,3,0, - 2 perc., - harp - strings
ca. 15'

Sonans was written in 1981 and premiered by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Jean-Pierre Jacquillat the same year. In 1982 the piece was performed at the opening of Scandinavia Today in Washington DC. The piece consists of two relatively fast movements and a slow intermezzo.

Premiere: October 15th 1981, Iceland Symphony Orchestra in Háskólabíó, dir. Jean-Pierre Jacquillat


3,3,3,3, - 4,3,3,1, - 3 perc., timp., - harp - strings
ca. 10'

Notes was written as a master's thesis at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1978. The piece was first performed in Ann Arbor in March 1979 and by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in December.

Premiere:Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor; Marsch 1st 1979, University Symphony Orchestra, dir. Gustav Meier